Media appearances of the Smart Buildings project

My research project on Learning-based Control for Smart Buildings is supported by Rennes Metropole (Allocations d’installation scientifique 2019), and recently ICI Rennes has published a video on it. In two minutes I answer questions concerning the project. In French! It looks and sounds great!

Moreover, Destination Rennes published an article on my installation in CentraleSupélec. Thanks to Rennes Metropole, I really appreciate their support!

My installation in Rennes and CentraleSupélec.
What is the Smart Building project about?

IFAC WC 2020 results

Good news! My submissions State estimation for a locally unobservable parameter-varying system: one gradient-based and one switched solutions, Adaptive Stabilization by Delay with Biased Measurements, and Stator flux and load torque observers for PMSM are accepted for IFAC WC 2020!

Thanks a lot to my coauthors! Hope to see you in Berlin!


My name is Stanislav Aranovskiy, I am a researcher in the field of Control Science and Engineering. Since 2017 I am an Associate Professor (Maître de conférences) at CentraleSupélec, (Rennes, France), and a member of the Automatique team at the IETR Laboratory. My research interests are mainly in the fields of adaptive control and estimation, nonlinear systems, and disturbance attenuation.

On this homepage, you will find my blog, information about my research activities and projects. You are welcome!